Master of Fine Arts (2017): Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA

Doctor of Philosophy (2014): University of Wales (Glyndŵr), Wrexam, UK​

Master of Arts (2010): Southeastern University, Lakeland, FL​

Bachelor of Arts (2007): Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL




  • 2019- Group Exhibition, "Legacy: Staff and Alumni Exhibition," Transitions Art Space, Life Pacific University, San Dimas, CA (11/9/19-12/1/19)

  • 2019- 3 Person Exhibition, “Transparency,” Progress Gallery, Pomona, CA (3/2/19-3/30/19)

  • 2019- Group Exhibition, “One Billion Rising Invitation Exhibition,” Winter Haven Fine Arts Gallery, Polk State College, Winter Haven, FL (2/14/19-3/14/19)

  • 2019- Group Exhibition,“Oh Hey, Ed Ruscha” Shockboxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA (1/12/19-1/26/19)

  • 2018- Group Exhibition,“It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: Biennial Faculty Exhibition,” Rose Garden Gallery, California Baptist University, Riverside, CA (10/24/18-11/16/18)

  • 2018- Group Exhibition, “Defining the Art of Change in the Age of Trump,” The Center for Contemporary Political Art, Washington DC (9/30/18-11/14/18)

  • 2018- Group Exhibition, “Declaration,” The Vast Lab, Los Angeles, CA (7/6/18-7/27/18)

  • 2018- Group Exhibition, “Immigrants in Pomona,” Latino Art Museum, Pomona, CA (5/5/18-5/26/18)

  • 2018- Solo Exhibition, “Every Body,” Polk State College Gallery, Winter Haven, FL (2/12/18-3/16/18)

  • 2018- Group Exhibition, "Enough!" Shockboxx Project, Hermosa Beach, CA (1/6/18-1/31/18)

  • 2017- Group Exhibition, “Contemporary Landscape,” Marin Museum of Contemporary Art Novato, CA (12/2/17-1/7/17)

  • 2017- Group Exhibition, “You Are Punk,” The Vast Lab, Los Angeles, CA (11/10/17-12/3/17)

  • 2017- 3 Person Exhibition, “The Labyrinth II,” Lake Wales Gallery, Lake Wales, FL (9/5/17-10/5/17)

  • 2017- Solo Exhibition, “Blue Skies,” Duke Gallery, Azusa, CA (7/10/17-7/15/17)

  • 2017- Solo Exhibition, “Blue Skies,” ART/ifact Gallery, Lakeland, FL (4/22/17-5/20/17)

  • 2017- Group Exhibition, “Create New +” MFA Exhibition, Missoula, MO

  • 2017- Group Exhibition, “Hyper Objectivity,” Exhale Unlimited, Los Angeles, CA (2/3/17-3/10/17)

  • 2016- Group Exhibition, Polk Museum of Art’s “Lakeland Art Crawl,” Lakeland, FL (12/3/2016)

  • 2016- Group Exhibition, “Artist Statement,” Czong Institute for Contemporary Art Museum, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, (10/14/16-11/20/16)

  • 2016- 3 Person Exhibition, “Labyrinth,” Platform Art Gallery, Lakeland, FL (9/30/16-10/30/16) 

  • 2016- Group Exhibition, “Our Own Terms,” Visual Art Exchange: Creativity Incubator, Raleigh, NC (9/2/16-9/29/16)

  • 2016- Curator & Participating Artist, Group Exhibition, “In Plain Sight,” Exit Gallery, Azusa, CA (7/15/16-7/23/16)

  • 2016- Art Festival, “Dixieland Spring Arts Festival,” Lakeland, FL (4/16/16)

  • 2016- Curator & Participating Artist, Group Exhibition, “Pneumatological Imagination: SPS Conference Exhibition,” Life Pacific College, San Dimas, CA (3/10/16-3/12/16)

  • 2016- Group Exhibition, “Resolution,” Exhale Unlimited, Los Angeles, CA (2/6/16-3/31/16)

  • 2015- Group Exhibition, “Annual Club Hispano Art Exhibition,” Lakeland, FL (10/24/15)

  • 2015- Group Exhibition, "Recolor Recover," Exhale Unlimited, Los Angeles, CA (6/25/15-8/7/15)

  • 2015- Group Exhibition, “Between Two Worlds: CIVA Conference Exhibition,” Center Art Gallery, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan (6/11/15-8/7/15)

  • 2015- Talk and Exhibition, “Engage Perspectives: A Dialogue on the Intersection of Art and Faith,” Oasis Community Church, Lakeland, Florida (5/27/15)

  • 2015- Group Exhibition, “Redemption,” Houston, Texas (3/21/15-4/29/15)

  • 2014- Group Exhibition, “Home,” A/NT Gallery, Seattle, Washington (9/3/14-9/28/14)

  • 2014- Group Exhibition, “Self Portrait,” CityArts Factory, Orlando, FL (3/20/14-4/11/14)

  • 2014- Group Exhibition, “ONE CHIC FÊTE,” Firestone Live, Orlando, FL (3/7/14)

  • 2013- Solo Exhibition, “Trans(Figure + Form),” The Loft Art Gallery, Lakeland, FL (June 2013)

  • 2013- Group Exhibition, “Artbook Launch Party,” St. Pete Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, FL (3/28/13)




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  • 2017- Best in Show at University of Montana’s “Create New +” MFA Exhibition, Missoula, MO

  • 2016- 2nd Place at Polk Museum of Art’s “Lakeland Art Crawl,” Lakeland, FL

  • 2016- Purchase Award at Polk Museum of Art’s “Lakeland Art Crawl,” Lakeland, FL

  • 2009- Speaker of the Residential Cohort at the Hooding Ceremony, Southeastern University

  • 2006-2007- President’s Scholars List, Florida Southern College

  • 2007- Kappa Pi (Fine Art Honor Society), Florida Southern College

  • 2007- Sigma Rho Epsilon (Religion Honor Society), Florida Southern College